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  • July 4 2020
    Happy 4th of July!

    Two new Premium Properties are available for purchase through the Repossessed Property Auctions.

    These are the best Premium Properties so far, with 7,000 Will points each.

    Happy bidding!

  • July 1 2020
    Weekly Competition Results

    The winners of this week’s Competitions are:

    Best Buster - Liltrouble
    Best Attacker - Canceled
    Best Criminal - Al Capone
    Workout King - Canceled
    Best Money Mugger - TheNemesis
    Best Diamond Mugger - TheNemesis

    Congratulations to all the Winners!

    Registration for the next Competition opens in one hour.
    Don’t forget to join!
  • July 1 2020
    Diamond Lottery Winnings!

    xxBLOODxBITCHxx won the lottery jackpot of 346 diamonds. Congratulations!